Unitedbulls Oscar   100% leavitt bulldog

in spring we will have better pics of him!




Deze bulldog is niet van ons, maar van de heer J.Suk.

(this bulldogs is not ours, the owner is J.Suk

Geboren  : 19-09-2008

Hoogte    : 48 cm / 19 inch

HD result: Beide A/Both A

ED result: Both Free

Teeth     : 40(2 missing P1)

He is out of Boneshaker Dior and Barricks Kegan.


He is availleble for studservice.

fee is 1500 euro.



This guy is very laidback as a dog, easygoing also mostley whit all the dogs.

loves kids and his first ofspring is very promissing!



Unitedbulls Oscars mom, Barricks kegan.



Unitedbulls Oscars dad, boneshakers dior



 one of oscars kids, from his first litter!

Oscar, very laid back boy, but also whit caracter.

he dont let him play, he nows exactley what he wants to do.

He needs to put on easy going females, or else the caracters are to strong for the way of living here in europe.

but if you have a strong in mind female, and you want to bred working dogs, then you need to take this stud!

his ofspring is very flexibel, by conformation the best you can breed, so show winners and working dogs, you have them!

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