HIGHWOODBULLS BUICK            Geb:24-04-2009



Hoogte:46 cm(18 inch)

HD test:A/B (8/7)

ED test:Both free

Teeth test: 41(1 missing)



                                                                 Raw dags Baron not tested

                                       Boneshaker Dozer

                                          not tested

                                                                 Gastors Melody not tested


                      Diva                                    Walz BusterNot tested



                                        Ric Ali's Lakoda

                                        HD:B -ED: not tested


                                                                 Izzabel HD:good.ED not tested



                                                                Standing stones

                                                                   Fletcher not tested         

                                         Rock stone's Hooligan

                                          Not tested

                                                               Walz Niva not tested


                Devills Britt 15                          Raw dags 

              HD:A-ED:free                           Baron  Not tested 


                                         Boneshakers Ollie



                                                                 Melody   Not tested       


Buick wordt door ons zelf in de toekomst gebruikt.

Heeft 1 dekking in duitsland gedaan, en de pups hebben zich reeds bewezen op show met als keurmeester, david leavitt!


Buick is gonna used by our bitches.

he did one breeding in germany...very promissing pups, there proove it at the show were david leavitt was the judge!



Ric Ali's Lakoda, moeder diva

Birchwood izzabel , moeder Lakoda


Wallz Buster, vader  Lakoda


Boneshaker devills brit 15, Buick's vader


 Hooligan, vader devill's brit 15


  Boneshaker's Ollie, moeder devill


hier is buick 5 weken oudt!


 19 month old!

Very easy going dog, you can also put him whit other males, he dont care.

A little bit lazy sometimes, a real couch potato!

so he is very intresting for females who have to much drive in them.

his first litter is very promissing, two winners in a show in germany whit david leavitt as a judge.

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